Tuesday, 5 April 2016

What to Expect When Getting Teeth Extracted

Most people will have to have a tooth extracted at least once in their life. Whether you’re having surgery to remove your wisdom teeth or you’re getting another tooth pulled, here’s what you should expect.

Prior to Extraction

When a dentist thinks you may need to have a tooth extracted, he or she will generally start with oral x-rays or other scans to get a clear picture of the overall structure of your mouth. This is especially true for extracting wisdom teeth, which may require surgery.

The Procedure

During the procedure you will usually receive an injection of a numbing agent so that you will not feel the extraction itself. You may also be sedated or placed under anesthesia for the extraction and you may not remember the procedure itself. You shouldn’t feel any pain during the extraction.


If you were sedated or under anesthesia for the extraction, you should expect to feel sleepy for several hours and you should not drive or return to work. In the case of surgery to remove your wisdom teeth you may have stitches that will dissolve or need to be removed after several days. You may experience some swelling or pain afterward and your dentist may prescribe a painkiller to help for several days. For teeth extractions in Apex, visit this website.

How a Dental Crown Can Help You

If you have ever experienced a damaged or weakened tooth, you know the pain it can bring. A dental crown can help in many ways including:

•    Making it easier to eat and drink
•    Reducing your pain from a damaged tooth
•    Strengthening and protecting the remaining enamel

Eat and Drink Comfortably

Eating and drinking are necessary parts to everyday life. If you have a broken tooth or an old metal or composite filling, it can be uncomfortable, or even painful, to eat and drink. A crown can help protect your tooth and make it easier for you to eat and drink again.

Reducing Pain

Tooth pain is difficult to manage and can ruin your whole day. If you have a broken or damaged tooth you know how painful it can be. A dental crown can help reduce your oral pain and make you feel that much better.

Strengthen and Protect

If you have a tooth that cannot support a filling or you have recently broken a tooth, you are at risk for losing the tooth. A dental crown can help strengthen your tooth after a root canal or restore one that is broken. This procedure can also help save your teeth that cannot be filled. For dental crowns in Morrisville, visit this website.