Monday, 15 February 2016

5 Reasons to Take Your Kid to the Dentist


Taking your kid to the dentist can be a struggle at times. However, there are times when it’s necessary to make that trip. Here are five signs that your kid needs to see a dentist.

1. They are experiencing tooth pain.

Oral pain can be caused by a number of reasons. With children, it’s something that you should never ignore. It could be from trauma or tooth decay.

2. It’s been more than six months since their last visit.

It’s important to have regular check-ups with your dentist. The standard is to have your child seen about once every six months.

3. They are grinding their teeth.

While grinding commonly presents in childhood, it is involuntary and your kid might not notice it. A dentist can assess for any damage and prescribe a night guard, if necessary.

4. They present with bad breath.

Bad breath can be caused by an underlying problem. It is important to have a dentist check out your child’s oral health if this is a problem.

5. They haven’t lost their baby teeth.

Some kids don’t lose their baby teeth even as their permanent teeth begin to grow in. This is a problem that dentists handle regularly and can help with.

Your child’s oral health is important and regular check-ups should be scheduled. For more information on kids dentist in Cary, visit this website.

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