Monday, 7 March 2016

3 Basic Facts on Lumineers for a Fantastic Smile


Your smile is the focal point of your face. When you want to look your best, you can get a bright and beautiful smile with the latest dental enhancements. Lumineers are a great option for you to improve the look of your smile. Here are the basic facts about lumineers and want they can do for you teeth:

1. They are very thin coverings that mimic the look of natural teeth.

Only about .2 millimeters thick, these ultra slim enhancements are nearly translucent, whiten your smile, and create a polished look to your teeth.

2. They do not need much dental work to adhere.

Unlike traditional veneers, lumineers need little grinding to be attached to your teeth. Dentists can typically use your primary tooth structure without much reduction, and without pain. When you are done, they will look natural and be comfortable from the start.

3. They are extremely durable.

Due to the toughness of the material that lumineers are made from, they are very durable and can last over twenty years—giving you a beautiful smile for decades.

The latest options in dental technology give you great choices to make your smile shine brightly for many years.  View this website for more information on lumineers in Santa Cruz.

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